Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Do you enter fiber art competitions?

I like to. At the very least, I receive feedback on my workmanship. Of course, I like seeing how I stack up to the other entries. In other words, what I should be striving to accomplish. The very best is getting a blue ribbon and some prize money.

Most of the time, I'll enter the local county fairs. Several around here get enough of a turn-out that you feel like there's actually a competition. There's nothing worse than entering only to find out that you were the only entry. It just takes away all pride you want to have in that blue ribbon.

Someday I want to enter one of the many privately run fiber arts shows like Black Sheep Gathering or Dixon Lambtown or maybe even Maryland Sheep and Wool Show. I'd love to get to Black Sheep again this year but our calendar is looking mighty full even though it's still April.

Entering local county fairs and even the private fiber art shows is fairly inexpensive. I suppose some of the reasoning takes into account that most fiber artists are really "starving artists". The county fair I entered last year had a fee of $1.25 per entry. Black Sheep's entry fees this year for yarn skeins is $1 and for fiber arts it's $2. Hmmm... I just noticed they take mail in entries through June 15th. Now I have no excuse for not entering! And neither do you!

Question to the public: What fees have you paid to enter a show? It can be a local county fair or a full-blown juried art show. Use the comment section to tell me. Include the name of the event. And if they offer cash prizes, tell me that too.


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Carol said...


I've entered (and won) at Maryland Sheep & Wool and Michigan Fiber Festival. I've just mailed my skeins to Convergence 2006 run by the Handweavers Guild of America ( which charges $3/skein for members. I've also entered TKGA fashion shows but I can't find any info on their website--I remember the entry fees as nominal, maybe $10 per entry because you juried in by photo/slide. I'm also entering a juried show to be mounted in a Harrisburg PA museum, and the cost is $20/category--you can enter up to 3 pieces per category. Hope this helps....