Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How big is your stash?

In recent posts by Laura Fry, she talks about finishing projects that are using up her stash. If I was as prolific as she is, my stash would be gone after a few projects! Here's every piece of yarn I have:

In the bag: handpainted rayon silk; very fine alpaca.  In the box below: all of my handspun yarns

white bamboo cone, red and yellow cottolin cones, peach carpet warp cones

alpaca yarn from my animals except for the heathered cones which are a blend of alpaca and soy

mostly cottons; one cone of green bamboo; 2 handwound balls of handspun wool; white tencel on the floor and brown shetland wool next to those

Commercially spun Alpaca Merino blend - 32 4oz skeins

What does your weaving stash look like?

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